Roses to secure embankment, Ronneburg

Client: Bundesgartenschau Gera-Ronneburg 2007 GmbH

Time period: 2003 until 2007

The site of the German Federal Garden Show Buga 2007, core zone New landscape Ronneburg, places high demands on erosion protection.

In order to secure the embankment, in particular against erosion, at the end of 2004 approximately 14,000 roses and 10,000 willows were planted. As the quantities required were not available, the roses were specially propagated following an official call for tenders in mid 2003. By 2005 almost complete ground coverage had been achieved. The roses are combined with grey leaf willow. The colour spectrum of the roses varies from white to pink and dark red. The wealth of blooms is visible up to one kilometre away.

In the course of heavy rain, volumes of water also streamed through the roses. Above-ground interlinking of shoots and the well-developed root system meant that damage could be avoided.

The plantation has been included in the long-term observation programme of the Saxon State Institute of Agriculture (based in Pillnitz). The observation of this establishment focuses on the subject of roses and is therefore augmented by a further significant aspect of practical implementation.