Office structure


The close co-operation on one site between the three companies fagus GbR, fagus GmbH and Seelemann Landschaftsarchitekten enables a broad range of performance to be provided with a high degree of flexibility in project processing and schedule co-ordination.

The complexity of many construction projects means that co-operating with partners in the planning process is indispensable. This collaboration is entered into with various individuals and organisations, depending on the respective projects. The general economic independence of each company is provided for in every case.

Project-related collaborations with architects and urban planners and the involvement of experts in specialist fields enable planning results of the highest standard to be achieved. This close co-operation is frequently utilised to achieve optimum results for our clients and the subsequent users of the outdoor areas.



Our team is composed of graduate engineers with extensive expertise and great commitment to the tasks at hand. All of them have university degrees. Good foreign language skills in English and in some cases Russian ensure smooth communication with our international partners.

The team includes:

Graduate landscape architecture engineers
Master of science landscape architecture

Graduate horticultural engineers (university of applied sciences)


Technical equipment

The office has state-of-the-art equipment for the computer-assisted processing of all projects.

We have both stationary and mobile computer workstations, the corresponding input and output technology (plotters, scanners, printers) and ideal prerequisites for the exchange of data. CAD processing is 2 or 3 dimensional, depending on the object (VectorWorks). Interfaces are DXF, DWG, image processing PICT, TIFF with Photoshop. The exchange of specifications and evaluations is via contemporary GAEB interfaces.

Visualisation of objects in our planning system is undertaken in classic form with attractive hand sketches, with film sequences and animation employed where required.