fagus GbR

FachGesellschaft für Umweltplanung und Stadtentwicklung GbR

fagus was established in Leipzig in April 1992 by the partners Prof. Dr. sc. Hans-Heinrich Jesch and Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Gabriele Seelemann.

With over 45 years of professional experience and over 20 years of experience as a university professor, Prof. Jesch brings the highest degree of expertise to our work. Co-operation between a nursery expert and expert dendrologist and a landscape architect has proved to be highly effective with regard to expertise in all matters concerning planting, choice of plants and the assessment of woodland stock.

The range of our planning tasks is broad, comprising all areas of landscape architecture. Thematically, we handle projects of all sizes, from the 800-square-metre gardens of terraced houses to nature reserve projects totalling 12,000 ha in size.


Dr. Gabriele Seelemann, Prof. Dr. sc. Hans-Heinrich Jesch


The unification of the two offices in Markkleeberg in 1997 brought with it positive synergy effects with regard to the performance and effectiveness of the company. Where required, more than 10 landscape architects are available at the office, with numerous experts on hand in the close proximity for planning tasks.